Saturday, 4 May 2013

Tim Cook's Coffee Auction

The idea of an auction has been around for some time, and many things can be auctioned off. The question one can ask is : "Does that include people?"
In the days of slaves, auctions were common, but luckily we have moved on from this time, and I am more than glad that I have no memories of such times (phew) I am saying this just in case there is such a thing as reincarnation...
So the auction that Tim Cook is involved in to raise money for charity.  I love the idea, so much so that we are  a group of people  organising to  re-create such an event to raise money for the Telethon Institute for Child Health Research.

There is a funny cartoon out, where you can see that a little satire goes a long way.

But just think for one moment.. How amazing it would be to sit accross from a man or woman  that you  admire, you would have to if you were to bid on them,  and have this opportunity to have a one to one with them.
Underneath, believe it or not, I am quite a shy person, and I can see people laugh already as they read this. However I cover it up really really well. So a typical sign about my nervousness,  is that I talk at 100 miles an hour and its incredible verbal diarrhea, that I seem to be unable to stop, until someone jolts me of the cliff, and so whilst I am sitting accross my amazing person of choice, omg!

Who would I want to talk too??  Well Richard Branson would just be amazing... Can you imaging the knowledge he has, and how he would understand the small business principles.  And what I admire most about him, is the fact he never comes over arrogant, but always appears to be a very down to earth person. He has seen a lot and experienced a lot in the coming and going and coming of his success.  I think I would actually be speechless with such a man across my table, and yes my husband would say "That would be a first)"

So not likely at all to have Richard as my star attraction,
I will have to come up with some other ideas.  Time to brainstorm..Because now that the idea is born here, we are waiting with bath-thing breath   to see  it come to fruition.

So the main challenge.... I am not well known, and I do not know any well known people except a blues guitarist who my daughter dates, But he is in Melbourne.
So how does one get the people?? well honesty?? would not have the foggiest idea.  I have send out several emails, but my name is likely to end up in their rubbish  box.

Lucky though I have an amazing amount of tenacity, and I think I am going to  need it, and just because I have probably landed in many rubbish boxes, I am  a driven woman, and dont mind rejection:))  that would just be a challenge.. right?

This auction will be great, and fun....It will take a little time to gain some momentum, but I have no doubt in my mind that ones we get going there will be no stopping it,'

I am lucky in so far that a well known Perth figure will meet me next week , so I will blog about that next time.
In the meantime, if anyone knows or you happen to be the "famous: one.... Could you please contact me???

Thank you thank you thank you,


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